Friday, January 20, 2006


Fridays are probably the best and worst day of my week. I only work three days a week (although we're really busy at work this month so I am working four days all through January), which I am sure everybody who works full-time would envy. The difficulty is I am not actually off on the days that I'm not at work because I have a two year-old.

So I work my ass off on those days. I'm forced, hourly, to sit on the bathroom floor for 20 minutes, waiting for Girl to use her potty while she does everything but; to play endless rounds of Elefun, which mainly consists of Girl and I standing around the blasted elephant with nets while absolutely no butterflies come out of his trunk and Girl endlessly repeats "Oh, please Mr. Elephant. Oh, please, oh, please"; to read book, after book, after book, after book; to sing

You're a princess, you're a princess, yes you are, yes you are, you're a pretty princess, a pretty, pretty princess, yes you are, yes you are!
to the tune of "Frere Jacques" until I am horse while Girl spins around in her "princess clothes"; and to do it all while trying to clean/grocery shop/run errands. It's exhausting, and Friday is worse because I have already done it plus work for the last four days. My only relief is getting her to watch TV for a little while, but not too much because then I'd be a "bad mom". Honestly though, people who judge other people for letting their kids watch TV while the parents get some rest have most likely never had kids, because sometimes the only thing standing between you and total insanity is a little, blue, cartoon dog (and if you don't know who that is, you've never met my kids). Although my saving grace right now is a big, purple dinosaur.
But most of the reasons I gave for hating Fridays, are also why I love Fridays.
Because it's just me and Girl and we have the whole day ahead of us.......

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