Friday, February 24, 2006

Random Friday Morning Musings

Wednesday and Thursday, I was horribly sick again. Seriously, I must have NO immune system; every time I am around anyone with the smallest hint of a sickness, I catch it. This time I had a fever and could barely stumble the ten feet from my bed to the bathroom. Also, I hate having fevers. The minute my body temp goes above 99.9, I feel terrible aches in every place I have ever been injured, and that’s a lot of places.

Let’s see, there is the place under my chin where the reflector spike went through in 1st grade. 1st grade! That was 23 years ago people! Then of course my most recent injury (as such) my knee that was actually injured long ago, but since my surgery was in October, will call that the most recent. Don’t forget my left foot just below the 2nd and 3rd toes (where I broke my secondary metatarsal doing cartwheels in house in 5th grade). The biggest ache of all though is in my left elbow up to my shoulder where I got hit by a bus in December of 2001. That’s right a bus. My whole left arm was purple for a month, and what did my sensitive then-boyfriend, now-husband say that night after I got hit by a bus? His exact words were “Wow, you’re the only person I ever knew that got hit by a bus, and lived!” Are you kidding me! I was holding up really well up until then, but at that point I cried hysterically for an hour. Aren’t boys lovely?

At any rate, I was super sick with all these aches freezing under my quilt and down comforter, cursing the world because all of the Tylenol was in the kids’ bathroom which was waaaaay too far away for me to get to and cursing the TV because I had turned Ellen on and fell asleep and woke up to some crappy soap opera and couldn’t find the remote. I was a whiny pants, and my dog probably hated me. Although maybe not because I hadn’t put the kitchen gates up (like I do every morning that I go to work) and he had free reign to get up on my couches and chew all Rory’s toys. So all and all it was a bad week.

But hey, cheers to all my family members that bought me drinks on Sunday. I was really buzzed by like 5 p.m. Mr. Hobbitfeet commented on how I was home by 9, so I mustn’t have had too much fun; but I said, “It was a Welch shower and my birthday, we started drinking before 1.” So hey thanks, I had a good birthday. Also, a big sorry goes to the staff members of the Renaissance hotel Chicago. The pizza place didn’t give us utensils or napkins so we used your wash cloths, really that was just pizza sauce. If you didn’t have such linty tissues, we would have used those instead (just a tip).

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