Sunday, March 5, 2006

DIY is for suckers!

It had been awhile since we were able to do any work on our house (we had no money and all the remaining projects are kind of pricey) but I had a DIY itch that just needed to be scratched so I picked the one room that I thought would be inexpensive to redecorate, the half bath in the master bedroom. Boy, was I wrong.
It started of as a simple project. Nothing big. I really want to change it to a full bath, but that's down the road a bit. I just wanted to paint it. Now when we bought our house, every room was painted a neutral color. And, after years of renting, I want color. I want every room in my house to be some gorgeous color to make up for the fact that Mr. Hobbitfeet and I can't agree on art unless it's museum quality.
So that was all I was going to do, paint my mushroom colored bathroom a brilliant shade of lavender. We already had everything we needed to paint. So it was just going to be the cost of my Disney/Beher Dragonfly purple ($15) and the Beher Ultra white ($10) that I bought for the moulding (also painted mushroom, these people were lame).
I decided to pull the moulding out and paint it separately. Big mistake. I cracked almost every piece right in half, no biggy I'd just replace the couple pieces I broke right? Wrong, not one would hold the white paint, and let me tell you lavender and mushroom is not a good combo.
So now I am replacing the moulding and door jambs. But now that the whole room is lavender, the formally white ceiling looks mushroom, so now I have to paint that. Plus the stupid vanity doesn't go all the way to t he wall, just close enough that we can't paint between the to but not close enough that it covers the fact that it's still mushroom colored. So we have to pull that out so we can paint behind it. Which forces us to buy caulk and a caulk gun to properly seal it back to the wall.

All in all my $25 project ended up costing close to $200. So next time I get a DIY itch, I'll make a nice pie.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, pie...

Millicent Friendly,
Collector of Museum-Quality Art

just_plain_me said...

Pie is good. I like apple.