Wednesday, March 1, 2006

March Maddness!

March 1 is finally here and I am so excited. I always get this feeling at the beginning of March like something incredible is going to happen, even if there's nothing planned. I think it’s knowing that spring is almost here. Spring is my absolute favorite season. Mr. Hobbitfeet prefers summer; but I prefer the coolness of the in-between seasons. I think spring is better than fall because you’re coming away from winter, rather than heading towards it. In my mind, winter sucks. Spring is especially wonderful in Central Illinois because it comes so much sooner and therefore lasts longer than it does in Chicago. Plus this area (especially near my house) has tons of trees, in all different varieties. I especially love all the flowering trees. I know I’m starting to sound a little nutty, but guess what? I LOVE SPRING! So even though it is only March 1st, I already feel like I have spring fever, which could explain why I am writing this entry instead of meeting my deadlines. I better get back to work. WOOHOO March!

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