Thursday, March 9, 2006


There are some nights when, for no apparent reason, I just can not sleep. As you can tell by the time, this is one of those nights. I feel very tired, but I tossed and turned for twenty or so minutes and I knew sleep wasn't in the cards, so I got up.
I had a lousy day at work, because there is this evil woman who doesn't like to do her own work and so tries to wrangle everything into a PR/Marketing issue. My boss doesn't like to deal with her, so she delegates all dealings with her to me. She makes me nuts. She'll email questions to me, wait for me to answer, not read the email and then call me on the phone to ask the same questions that I've already answered, and she's a time-sucker. Always expecting that I'm at work doing nothing and so obviously I want to whatever project is tossing around in her head, then when I spend a lot of time doing her crap, she acts like she never asked me to do it in the first place. Grrrrrr!

But as much of a time-sucker that this lady is, she can not top my ex-boss. She was terrible. I mean she worked in PR/Marketing for goodness sakes and she would eat while on the phone with journalists. I would go insane because my desk was right next to hers and I could hear her eating and clacking away at her keyboard. She didn't know that there were two legs on the back of her keyboard and one was ALWAYS falling down so her keyboard would bang and bang and bang on her desk every time she hit a key (Clack-thunk, Clack-thunk, Clack-thunk) the second she left her office, I would run over and fix it, but it never helped. It would get knocked down, and soon it would start again.
Then she would have meetings with the entire staff (one at a time) down in the cafe. One meeting on Monday morning to tell her the ten things we planned to do all week and one on Friday afternoon to tell her what we did. It was mind numbing. When your job involves writing a huge brochure that maybe the only thing you do for like two weeks at least, and that is working with only your lunch break. So I had to break everything up into steps. But the worst was that I created a database of all the people we worked with and it was so easy a monkey could use it. It had switchboards and everything. It was all point and click. But she had to have a manual and I had to write it, complete with picture showing every dialogue box that would pop up. She wanted these things to be more thorough than the real Access manuals. Nothing made me happier than the day I walked out of that place and went on "maternity leave" and never came back!

I am happy to note that my quitting started a PR/Marketing exodus that led to all (and I can officially say that now, Yay! Lynda!) of her staff quitting or moving to a different department one-by-one. I have heard that she lost considerable power and no longer bosses anyone. Karma bites you in the ass people! Pay attention!

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