Friday, April 14, 2006

Sometimes I bitch.

I have had a terrible week and every moment it gets worse.
I think that mother nature hates me. Everyday that I have to work, it is GORGEOUS outside. The minute I have sometime off, it gets cold or rainy. I want a nice day at home, where I can enjoy it.
Work is less pleasant then usual, and I know, I know, it's work being unpleasant is its job; but I am very tired of the reward for a job well done is twice as much crap to do. We revamped our website, switched servers and the software we use to maintain it, but our previous website is incompatible and I am forced to spend hours on end inputting countless page after page just to make it look like it used to look. Then everyone is like, "What have you been doing?"
Also, I am fed up with bad drivers. My thirty mile commute (one way) is set up so that it is next to impossible to pass people 75% of the time, especially between the town in which I live and the one directly east of it. However there is a special truck/slow car lane at one spot that is specially designed to let the fast people get past the slow people. I feel that people traveling 2 miles above speed limit do not qualify for this lane. People, if I am riding up your butt when it is time for this pass, GET OUT OF MY WAY! If you are not going to pass the person in front of you who has moved into the right lane, GET OUT OF MY WAY! Also, and most importantly if you are a truck, you must move over and get into the truck lane, that is why it says TRUCK LANE!!! I am trying to get somewhere and I am tired of being stuck behind your stupid 57 mph butt when I want to go 70! Maybe I'll get a ticket, but I don't care; I just want to get to work/home.

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