Monday, April 24, 2006

Sports News

Boy successfully tested for his brown belt in Taekwondo. He is only a few belts away from 1st degree black. After brown comes red, then red/black, than black recommended, and finally black. He's very proud of himself he has already filled the cheapo belt rack we bought him from Lillian Vernon. We had to double up his purple and blue belts.

In other news, Girl has decided that she just loves basketball. In her mind there is no finer game. Everytime we'd see basketball nets in someone's driveway on our walks she'd ask to take it home. We were forced to play endless games where we would throw a bouncy ball into a laundry basket on a chair. Thankfully, the Easter Bunny thought she was a good girl and gave her a Little Tykes Basketball net. She's well on her way to being the next Becky Hammon. Check Girl out in our backyard the other day. What a cheater!

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