Friday, June 16, 2006

Yay Reading!!!!

I've got to give a great big thanks to my sister Meander for buying an Amazon Prime membership and then adding me to her account. When you live in a town with a college, you'd think buying a book would be easy. Not the case, unless I want to pay BIG Bucks at the student bookstore or buy 30 year old Louis L'Amour paperbacks from the old lady on the square (and I am not my Grandpa W., so I'm passing) I am out of luck. And don't even get me started on the pathetic town library (I voted for expansion but though it passed, they've barely started building). I could go to the next town over and buy books from Waldenbooks. But with gas costing what it does, it isn't worth it.
This is why I love my sister Meander. I can order lots of books at cheap prices, and since I don't have to pay for the 2-day shipping, almost instant gratification at no extra cost! It's even better because Amazon often ships books from Indianapolis so I get them the morning after I've ordered them. Like this morning, 11 a.m. and I've already taken Girl for a long walk, played games, did laundry, had a tea party, and trimmed Giles's nails, and then boredom overtook me with no hope except cable television when who should mosey up my driveway but the UPS guy with the books I'd ordered yesterday at 1 p.m. My books weren't due 'til Monday! Yay! Weekend reading!!!!! Big kisses Meander!


La Sirena said...

FYI -- I know the little old lady isn't as cool as Amazon, but sometimes when you ask her, she has what you want, cheap -- just really illogically shelved.

Kitty Russell said...

I kind of feel sorry for the old lady on the square. She is a local merchant, and shouldn't we support our local merchants? Hmmm?
Besides, she sounds like the Pidgeon Lady from "Mary Poppins" ("tuppance a bag, tuppance a bag")!

Woodlandmama said...

Ahhh Miss Kitty, She's not selling her Louis L'Amour and Abraham Lincoln biographies out of a paper bag on the steps of St. Michael's, it's more of a mildewy book store.

Kitty Russell said...

Oh, that's very different then... nevermind.

Meander said...

Aw shucks Liza...that's so nice.