Saturday, August 26, 2006

On Assignment...

This week I've been in Chicago at "Editor's Summer Camp" learning to be better at my job. And although I was my usual anti-social self, I feel I learned a lot. This is one of the pictures I took for my "Photo Assignment," which was summer in the city. You can see the rest on my Flickr account.

I think I learned the most about design and working with designers. I won't bore you with the details like I did Mr. Hobbitfeet (My word vomit wouldn't stop even after his eyes glazed over and his brain clearly had shut down-which is so bad when your driving).

My stupid work laptop couldn't pick up WiFi because I think it was invented before WiFi existed. So I couldn't blog, though I wanted to so bad.

The people were so weird (though considering I followed my strict rule of speaking only when spoken to, they probably thought I was weird). The most annoying were a group of girls from Disney. I felt like they needed to be put in a bubble. They kept going on and on about how cute and sweet everything was. I was losing my sarcastic and cynical mind.

P.S. I think a bunch of sumo wrestlers in the back of a pick-up would totally get across the weight it could hold, don't you?

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