Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Many of you know that Mondays and Fridays are the days that I stay home with Girl. Saturday, Mr. Hobbitfeet and I spent a large part of the day rearranging Girl's room to accommodate the new "big girl" bed that my mom gave her as a birthday present (the benefits of a twin bed are many, she manages to stay in her bed all night on most nights, and when she doesn't, I have a bed to sleep in). Now that her room is sparkly clean, she constantly wants to be in it, and has rediscovered toys that were hidden at the bottoms of bins that I resorted (this won't last, no matter how many times I organize things, Mr. H. will mess it up when he "cleans" which mainly involves throwing things where ever as long as it's not the floor). But we had a small Barbie crisis.
I am a cheap mom. I refuse to pay more than $5 for toys as a rule. For this reason, my daughter only owns Barbies that cost $4.96 + Tax at Wal-Mart, which basically means that all of my daughters Barbies wear nothing but bikinis and see-through cover-ups. But on Monday, Girl told me all her Barbies were cold. You see Girl can't wear her "bay-BING soup" outside anymore, so neither can her Barbies. It was then that I took Girl to the dollar store to buy some cheap Barbie-type clothes, and turned into:


That's right, all you mom's that have been vying for that position for years hang it up, I've got the title. Who knew that all it took to become TBMITW was $25 worth of crap from a dollar store. Girl got a package of REAL Barbie clothes. 3 whole outfits (one for each of her Barbies), and several VHS's of Angelina Ballerina, Fraggle Rock, and (my personal favorite) Kipper. But the thing that really got me the title was that all by itself in the middle of the toy aisle was a solitary Bionicle for a mere $4, and despite my previous stance on not spending my money on Bionicles (which have become my son's entire universe) I grabbed it. I knew that despite the several that Boy got for his birthday, and those that he purchased for himself (or conned his aunt or grandmas into buying for him) Boy didn't have this one. So when Boy got home and saw what I bought, he gave me my crown.
Sorry everyone, but the good news is that I plan on dying in about 80 years, and then the title will once again be up for grabs.

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