Monday, October 16, 2006

Sneak Peek...

I finished making Girl's Halloween costume today, and if I do say so myself, it's awesome (Check out Mr. Hobbitfeet holding Giles so I could take the picture, Mr. G will NOT pose for pictures, something about cameras stealing your soul. For the world's only librarian dog, his thinking is a little unsophisticated).
Anyhow, there comes a time in all my craft projects, where Giles has eaten one of the necessary components at a critical point (see unsophisticated) and I have gone to three different stores to replace it, when I just want to give up. This phenomena occurred during this project with the rick rack that you can see on the collar and sleeves. It is then that I curse my desire to do things right (ie. complete with rick rack), and wish I could be the kind of mom that could just take my kids to Wal-mart and let them wander the costume aisle and pick their favorite from what is available. But then I finish the costume and get to her how awesome it is and it's totally worth it.
I must confess that this year, I did buy Boy's costume , for a very good reason. Last year, mid-October Boy decided he wanted to be a velvet ant for Halloween. So I worked my butt off until the day before the Halloween parade and came out with a freaking amazing velvet ant costume and everyone was like "Whatthehell!"
What do you want from me people? My weirdo son wanted to be a velvet ant!!!! Do you know what a velvet ant is??? Have you ever heard of one before??? NO! No! I'd wager you hadn't, until this post or possibly if you had seen Boy last Halloween! What kind of goof ball wants to be a velvet ant? The costume was great, but weird and kind of hard to do (see below)

The hat was the real work of art, made with plush material, velvet and wire, it had poking out mandibles (though it's hard to tell in the pictures).

Anyway this year he wanted to be a Bionicle. And in my searching on how to pull this off, discovered that they already had them. So I decided to avert the entire "what the heck is that" mentality that seems to come from people when I make a costume suited for my son's weirdness, as well as the perpetual sore back and neck I get when frustrated during crafting and shell out the same amount of cash that I would have spent on a homemade one anyhow and buy my son a costume. Does he care, well yes he does it arrived and although it says it's size 8-10 it's a little big and not the exact one he wanted to be, but it's crazy nice being done with Halloween costumes two weeks before it happens.


Kitty Russell said...

I think Miss Rory makes a lovely Dorothy Gale from Kansas, and of course Mr.Giles makes for a fine Toto companion for her trip on he Yellow Brick Road!

Excellent job, Miss Liza!

Kitty Russell said...

Of course, it's not a "he" it's THE Yellow Brick Road... Yeesh! What a Winkie I am!

La Sirena said...

I liked the velvet ant, tho can't blame you for not wanting to create a bionicles costume.

Rory and Giles are so cute!

You are so freakin' crafty!

Woodlandmama said...

Thanks guys, and Mark don't insult the Winkies, it wasn't their fault that the WWW enslaved them with her flying monkey cap and forced them to do their bidding, they were much nicer once she was liquiated and the Tin Man took charge. Then they all lived a happy yellow existance.