Thursday, October 5, 2006

Woooooooooo! Scaaaaary!

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I am super excited! Ashmore Estates (last seen in this post) is having a haunted house this year. Who's in?


La Sirena said...

Excellent!!! Who is running it? I'm so freakin' excited! Will you go with me? You don't have to be scared, I'll even hold your hand when the monsters jump out...

I honestly think the most spooky scared I've ever been was at 10pm in Ashmore Estates with no flashlights with Dono, Aunt Dawn, Mike and Peter -- I was afraid of cops, being shot as trespassers, the building collapsing and all of the Voices that belonged to the dead schizophrenics gathering together in a kind of ectoplasmic rage against we interlopers. Woo-hoo! It's a date!

Woodlandmama said...

Don't be sad that you missed it. It sucked. Maybe we'll do a flashlight tour some day.