Monday, November 20, 2006

Dirty Girls!

If you read my sister Meander's blog, you'd know she has been posting pictures of us when we were little. So I thought I'd contribute and post this picture:
My mom has often hailed this picture as the ultimate definition of our personalities. I am the muddy one on the left, with the shirt tucked and too-high shorts. I think that the description is unfair. While yes, I am very dirty, Meander is not as innocent as she appears. She had just washed her face in the hose. As evidence, check out a close-up of Meander:

Please note the mud-spattered shirt and legs (and what is up with those ugly brown shoes). I think that it goes to show she wasn't a better kid than me. She didn't stay out of mud-puddles, but she was older and knew how to turn on the hose.
But on the other hand I love this picture. It is evidence of what our neighborhood looked like before all the trees were cut down. Also the tree directly to my left was really important in our lives. It grew up with us, and we always had our picture taken by it. This is us in 1999 on the day my mom moved out of that house.

The new people in the house butchered it, chopping off most of the bottom of the tree and destroying all the privacy that the tree was supposed to provide.


Jane said...

Liza, you are correct...I have said that picture reflects your personality...not who is good or bad,better or worse, but more how you each jump into attribution implied...I only have wonderful daughters...did I move out in 1999?

Woodlandmama said...

Maybe it was 2000, but then it was early 2000, but I think it was 1999. Our last Christmas was in 1998, for sure. It was Iain's second Christmas and he wore that outfit that the Aunts' gave me at the shower that was too big his first Christmas and too small on his second. Remeber the buttons came undone and his belly was showing in all the pictures? Remember: "Merry Christmas, (vomit noise)!"