Friday, November 17, 2006

The goose is getting fat!

Despite what you see in stores and on T.V., Christmas is still a ways down the road right? Not if you live in my house. Girl received Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for Christmas from my Aunt Sharon last year (or May which is when we finally saw her). She has watched it at least 5 times this week. She has also been singing Jingle Bells for over a month now and showing me all the toys that Santa is going to bring her (pretty much everything in the toy aisles at Wal-Mart). I've also been singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town whenever she throws a temper tantrum, which right now is a lot because she has decided that she's too big to nap. I don't mind her new found love of Christmas; I love Christmas. Mr. H., however, is a great big Scrooge so he is forced to fake a holiday spirit in early November that he doesn't even feel on Christmas Eve!

* Note I got a call first thing the morning after I wrote this from someone calling dibs on somethings

* 11/24 another person has claimed dibs ( At others requests, I am adding to these lists)!

Girl's Top Five Christmas List:
1. A big girl bike (I've already alerted Santa and he's all over this one)
2. Twin baby dolls (She just learned what twins are; she wants to be a part of it)
3. A purple power-wheels car (Santa's not getting it powerwheels are TOO MUCH- money, space takers, etc.)
4. Deigo videos (she has none of his videos and Deigo is her boyfriend) She will have one now!
5. A barbie car
6. Olivia and the Missing Toy
7. Olivia Forms a Band
8. 25 piece puzzels!
9. Little Mermaid on DVD
10. Dress up clothes

Boy's top five
1. Ugly dolls (Ice Bat and Cinko especially)
2. Bionicles
3. Origami supplies
4. The Wandmaker's Guidebook
5. Sleeping Sickness or Mad Cow
6. A Soy Silk Pal
7. Astrojax
8. Billy Madison on DVD
9. Uber Orbs
10. Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland for Gameboy Advance

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