Friday, November 24, 2006


I am thankful for:
-A couple nights without the dog. Mr. Giles is a really great dog, and the kids (and sometimes I) love him, but it is nice to have a couple nights where you don't have to walk him or take him out all day. Even better to know that he's boarding at the vet's and being well cared for.

-Yummy side dishes. I love Thanksgiving and not necessarily for the turkey. My Aunt Dawn hosted a huge Thanksgiving and there were so many dishes. Topping my list were the mashed potatoes (always good) and the stuffing. Mr. Hobbitfeet is still swooning over the turnips (who brought those?) and the dip that looked like it may have included tuna.

-Not having to plan dinner for a day. It's great to know that dinner is taken care of, even if you have to make a dish or two.

-Lots and lots of loved ones. It's one of the few times a year we see Mr. H.'s family. That's lots of fun because we play LOTS of board games. Plus did I mention my Aunt's HUGE party?

-The Dwyers. Who knew that 7 little girls and 1 little boy could so occupy my kids' time that they don't hang all over me, beg for books, bicker with each other, or want to play video games for a whole day? Well, they've been around for awhile so I should, but it's still nice to be reminded!

-Coming home. Loved the parties, loved the family but a long day with a nap-less 3 year-old and I just want to be back in my own bed.

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Jenny said...

I could totally live without turkey. Thanksgivin is all about the sides as far as I'm concerned.