Saturday, December 2, 2006

Ah, Jack!

Look what I discovered! Jack Kerouac's publishing company is going to release a 50th anniversary edition of On the Road, written exactly as Jack wrote it. Nothing will be taken out due to censorship only the things that he crossed out himself will be removed.
I am extremely excited, though I am not nearly as in love with him as I was in high school and college.

Also, in honor of my Jr. year of high school, Literature teacher, Mrs. Ondrus, who gave me a "C" on my term paper and took me out of honors English for the first time in my entire life my senior year, thereby forcing me to suffer through yet another year of her terrible teaching (as well as several dumb girls turning and look at me every time we read the word "Eliza" in Pygmalion-which comes up A LOT in that book) all because she DIDN'T KNOW WHO JACK KEROUAC WAS, I give you this quote from his Wikipedia entry: "While enjoying popular but little critical success during his own lifetime, Kerouac is now considered one of America's most important authors."


pelmo said...

This is a thank you to Mason for saving my back, and not having to haul out that LARGE blackboard, and those big pieces of chaulk. Besides I have a hard time drawing pictures of cell phones. Thanks again Mason, I owe you one, that or a beer.

Woodlandmama said...

Look, just because you're all new fangled doesn't mean the rest of the world is.
Maybe if Mason had told me right off the bat that she called from her cell, and not just that she called, asssuming that I don't know my mom's phone number and would have to look it up on caller id, I wouldn't have been surprised that she wasn't home.
Besides, you're very cute when you draw on chalkboards.