Monday, December 18, 2006

But They're Cousins...

We spent a very fun, but very long weekend with many branches on our family tree. First, on Friday we went to meet the newest member Little D. And what a cute baby he is. Maybe there are those who read one, two, or even all four of my family's crazy Internet ramblings and know all about Little D, which is why I've tried to keep mine to a minimum (that and I hadn't met him)! But no one out there has seen the cutest picture yet:

If only we could have gotten Little D to open his eyes, it would have been perfect. You can't even tell how nervous Boy was about holding such a little baby.

On Saturday, we finally got to meet M. Mr. Hobbitfeet's three-year-old nephew that lives way out west. Girl and M had a blast together. In my opinion, M's dad is the brother that most resembles Mr. H, and I am not alone in that. Also, all weekend M's mom and I kept being told that we look alike, so it is not surprising to note that the resemblance between M and Girl is AMAZING! I didn't ask M's parents permission to post his picture and so I won't post it here. However, if you are listed as a friend or family member, you can check out the picture in my Flickr account and marvel.

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