Thursday, December 7, 2006

Out of the Loop...

The problem with saving money by getting phone service through your cable/isp is that if one thing goes out it all does. I keep having to reboot my modem thingy to get phone service or internet service. I can't get both at the same time and I sometimes have to reboot 5-6 times before it happens. Then stupid Mediacom says they won't be here til Monday. That's a lot of reboots. I feel like the driver of one of those early cars you had to crank and crank to get it to turn over.
Right now people can only call me and if they're lucky leave a message in my voicemail, then I'll reboot 5-6 times, call the voicemail, get the message, reboot 5-6 times, and return the call. Awesome huh? It's called technology and it speeds the way we get information!

12/8/06-Update- While taking Boy to the doctor Mediacom called and left me a note saying that the problem was with the system (duh) and that it was fixed.

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Jenny said...

I don't mean to laugh but that's pretty freaking funny.

Ah technology. Perhaps you should consider getting a telegraph?