Monday, December 11, 2006

The Things I Love!

I think that the minute someone finds out she is pregnant for the first time, she is inundated with horror stories about childbirth and motherhood. So in honor of my sister, whose little boy was born Thursday, I thought I'd discuss the things I love about my kids, and being their mom.


1. Getting to observe the very obvious yin/yang aspect of his personality. Boy is a very science oriented kid. He knows a whole lot about animals, plants, and how things work, yet he is also very in love with the fantasy aspect of things, unicorns, dragons, cryptozoology, etc. One would think that a 9 year-old kid so in love with facts would not believe in Santa or magic, but he does very firmly.

2. He is still my little boy. I know sometimes I do complain about his sensitivity, but mostly just because I don't want him to be picked on. I guess I wish that he wouldn't cry so easily, but I do love that he still lets me tuck him in and cuddle him.

3. His wonderment. When Boy learns something new, he is SO amazed. Like nothing was ever as cool as learning what he just learned.


1. She is very silly and loves to have fun. She constantly cracks us all up. She loves to sing, dance, and turn flips. And can't wait til she's old enough to play every sport she's ever heard of.

2. She's very lovey and cuddly. She never gets tired of hugs and kisses.

3. She is very eager to learn everything.

4. This is how she dressed herself, despite the fact that we live in Illinois and it's two weeks until Christmas.

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