Saturday, January 27, 2007

Busy Day

My friend Chris and I were talking about a phenomenon that we've both been subject to that has to do with being moms that work outside of the home part-time. The difficulty comes, as it usually does for moms, from people who don't have kids. It happens like this: "Oh wow, you only work three days a week? Wow it must be so nice to always have four day weekends!'
I never have four day weekends, I have seven day work weeks. The only time I get time off is when some nice relative takes my kids off my hands for a night. Otherwise I am on duty 24/7 including when I am at the office for 24 hours a week.
Even as I write this I am multi-tasking, refereeing fights, cleaning/ironing/sewing stars on to Boy's taekwondo uniform so he can look his shiny best for his belt test. Figuring out how I can get Girl and Boy to swimming 15 miles away and be back for said belt test (which is only 2 miles from my house) by 12 noon, by myself because Mr. H. has required over-time today.
On one of my supposed days off (today) I:
5:15 a.m. -woke up because Girl had climbed into bed with us at 3 and Mr. Hobbitfeet had gotten up at 5 and was in the shower, but she needed him and cried until he came out. Fell back asleep.
5:45 a.m.- woke up because Girl wanted me to get up and give her a bath. Told her I'd wake up when Daddy was leaving and give her a bath (pointless because she has swimming today and will just need one later tonight. Rolled over and closed my eyes. Heard Boy get up. Thought "Why does my whole family get up so early on Saturday?"
5:50 a.m.-got out of bed and demanded Boy's taekwondo uniform so I could wash/iron/sew stars on it. Couldn't do it last night because he had to wear it to class.
5:51-5:55-search Boy's closet for jock strap to throw in the wash too.
5:55-6:05-lecture Boy (with Mr. H.'s help) on the vital-ness of ALWAYS wearing said jock strap to taekwondo even if it is just class because of all the kicking/sparring that happens.
6:05-6:30- spot clean uniform with bleach stick, because there are too many stripes and letters on his otherwise pure white uniform to just dump bleach into wash.
6:30-6:45-Say goodbye to Mr. H./comfort Girl who is sobbing because Daddy had to go to work.
6:40-6:45- make Girl breakfast, she wants bagel and pear and chocolate milk "WAAA why don't we have any milk!!!".
6:45-7:15-make Boy breakfast, he wants bacon and eggs.
7:15-7:20- fish the stars that someone had just glued (not sewed) to Boy's uniform out of the washer (how do you get crap out from under the agitator?)
7:20-sit down and write a bitchy blog while still being bugged by kids "Boy won't play with me," I have a headache" "I just had a brilliant idea about the next Bionicle that I want to buy!"

Some day off, huh? If it really was a day off, I'd still be asleep.

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