Monday, January 22, 2007


So the thing I've been dreading has happened. Both the Bears and the Colts will be in the Super Bowl. Normally sporting events just pass me by without a second thought, but this year I live in Central Illinois and work spitting distance from the Indiana border. This year, the people around me have been going crazy with just the thought that it might happen. Everywhere I went, work meetings, lunch, the grocery store, my kids swim lessons, I have been talked at about the Bears and Colts whether or not I showed any interest.
"Are you for the Bears or the Colts?"
"What do you think their chances are?"
"Wouldn't it be the most amazing thing EVER if the Bears AND the Colts are in the Super Bowl??"
Sports are so important here. It's insane. I have zero interest. Even people who you would think have no interest talk incessantly about sports. It could be a grammar or high school game, college, or pro. Plus people are so divided. Chicago, Indianapolis or St. Louis, they can't make up their minds. And the talking will make me nuts!

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