Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Um, What?!

Girl has started talking (a lot) about a very weird topic. She has new imaginary friends, but these friends are all dead. Very specifically there is one named Dadoo (which I know came from Animaniacs), and then she has all her "old, dead babies."

Her claim is that she was a grown-up, had a bunch of babies and they died so she became a kid again, and when she grows up, she'll have new babies.

My cosmic sister, La Sirena, will probably say that she is just remembering her past lives or some such thing. I don't know, maybe that's true, but it is weird and since she tells all sorts of people this story, I get looks like "what's up with your nutty kid talking about dead babies?" I just shrug.

After all my imaginary friend was called "Kathy's far-away neighbor" who drank pie and ate milk. This confused a lot of people, though I know exactly what I meant by "far-away neighbor". You see it wasn't Kathy's next-door neighbor, but the neighbor next-door to her next-door neighbor (see diagram).
So, is it really all that odd that she has a "dead Dadoo and her 5 dead babies" for friends? Probably, but I am withholding therapy to see if she grows out of it.


Jenny said...

I had a dead imaginary friend when i was little. He lived in hole in the neighbor's field and he died in a boating accident in the 40's.

I have no idea where this came from.

La Sirena said...

Jenny's imaginary friend sounds like it was actually a ghost.

You are right -- I think Rory is remembering something from a past life, maudlin as it may be. I'll get her a Mary medal that might help.

Donovan went through a weird death obsession when he was about her age. Our friend Alan died, then he saw that episode of the Simpsons where Bleeding Gums dies. He was totally freaked out by what would happen when he died. It kind of sounds like Rory is dealing with that in her own way -- which is maybe more consoling.

Thank you for finally explaining what a far-away neighbor is.

PS -- Dadoo was a South african freedom fighter. Dadoo is currently the name of a french rapper.

Jane said...

By the way, it was Kathy's far away neighvor. I really liked her.

Meander said...

Mom's right. She was definitely a neighvor. I just always wondered why Kathy wasn't your imaginary friend. I don't think she really existed either. (Though I think you used to point to what house it was.)

Woodlandmama said...

You're right Nora, there was no Kathy (though I am very sure that she spelled her name with a "K"). The far away neighbor did have a house. When you took Knox towards the Weber's, then turned left onto Kilpatrick there was that weird jutty part where you could go behind the strip mall or continue on to Kilpatrick, the house that was on the jutty part was Kathy's far-away neighbor. It was a green house, but in the old-fashion color way, not the new-fangled, energy-efficient way.

Pelmo said...

Amazing how so many people forget to take their medication on the same day.

Woodlandmama said...

Pelmo-It's amazing how you forget to take your medication everyday!

Pelmo said...

When none is needed, none is taken.