Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big Plans

Yesterday I had big plans. I had all of these amazing entries brewing in my head, but I had neither the physical desire nor the emotional fortitude to write them.
A dear friend suffered a great loss, and my heart aches. I have to make big, life-altering decisions regarding my career, and I am stressed. Twelve little boys will be invading my home, and I have a headache.When I was little and mad at the world, I would climb into my closet or under my bed and surround myself with toys and books so even if anyone looked where I was hiding they couldn't see me (under the bed worked much better for this). Then I would stay there until someone came looking for me. I would wait until whoever it was asked several people where I was before coming out. At least once I fell asleep while hiding and drove my mother crazy. I found it comforting, the small space, the freedom of no one knowing where I was or how to find me.I wish I could do that now, but my bed is too close to the floor.

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