Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blessings. Count 'em.

After my two weeks in hell, I am experiencing new joy in things that I've been taking for granted lately.

1.) I like my kids, a lot. I know that most moms love their kids, but I like mine too. They crack me up on a regular basis.
Although Boy seems quite foreign to me in his love of all things mathematical and scientific, he also is developing a sarcastic and silly way that is so me. I also love the side of him so rooted in fantasy. It's completely the opposite of his other side, that you wouldn't really think it could possibly co-exist yet it does.
Girl is freaking hilarious. She is so silly and so energetic. It's awesome to watch her play. Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth are so unexpected. Also (and maybe this is cruel) but she so knows how to push Boy's buttons. It is not in away that gets him mad, but that exasperates his 10-year-old sensibilities to a point that cracks me up. Like yesterday when we were in the doctor's office for Boy's allergy shots, Girl started making weird noises and flinging her hands everywhere. When asked what she was doing she said "Iiiiii'mmm beeeeinggg siiiillly" in a weird deep voice. Boy instantly scrunched down in his seat and hid behind his book, saying "Uh how embarrassing." Then on the way home Girl demanded to know the names of the boys in his class because she wanted a new boyfriend. Boy replied with a VERY shocked "But you don't know any of them!" It's awesome.
Plus, their dynamic reminds me so much of Meander and I when we were little it's scary.
2.)I love making good food for people. I could do without the chopping involved, but I love when people like what I have made. I'm sure Mr. Hobbitfeet wishes I'd cook more often, but I think maybe he wouldn't be so impressed if I made my dishes repeatedly.
3.) I like spending time with Mr. Hobbitfeet. We have a lot of fun and can actually talk to each other. I love watching TV with him, which makes the re-run break in which we find ourselves that much more annoying.
4.) I love my house, my trees (even though the recent frost killed all my dogwood blossoms), and my yard (even more so since we got the backyard cleaned up.
5.) I like my dog a lot more now that he doesn't use the inside of my house as a bathroom or chew up the kids toys. I also like him more now that I can let him come out front with us and not worry that he'll run away. It's fun to go out to the mailbox or to get the paper and have him trot along behind me. Now, if only the damn groomer didn't make him look like such a fluffy poodle, I'd be happy.

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