Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Had A Bad, You Had a Bad Day

Once in awhile, you have one of those days where you feel the biggest mistake you ever made was getting out of bed. I am definitely having that day today. For once in my life, I managed to pull myself out of bed on time (6 a.m.), despite having stayed up working until 1 a.m., but that was the last thing I was able to do right today. I knicked my ankle while shaving, lost my keys and wallet, spent 45 minutes looking for them, got into my car to leave at the time I was supposed to be getting to work, was out of gas, made myself even later getting gas that cost $2.719/gallon, got stuck behind a school bus put-putting along for 12 miles, had no breakfast, and smashed my sandwich. Then I got screwed by the fact that Mr. Hobbitfeet and I are in the process of switching banks, half our money is in one and half is in another (direct deposits/debits make near impossible to just close an account and open a new one). Mr. H. was only using the new account, which unfortunately couldn't keep up with his spending. I am miserable and it is only 11 a.m.
Now I have to figure out how to fit two jobs and a side project into my day, while still being a good mom, when all I want to do is to hide under my bed and nap. How is your day?

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Jane said...

Sure hope today is better.