Monday, July 30, 2007

The Education of Girl

So Girl is going off to Catholic school, though, for me, it means making a fifteen minute drive four times a day, three days a week.
We made this decision after I went to the final "preschool" in my town that was a Lutheran "school." I had misgivings about this preschool because they kept hesitating when I asked if the teachers were certified. Also, the director informed me it was a religious institution so there would be Jesus time. Now, to be clear, my difficulty wasn't with the fact that there would be religious instruction, but that they were calling it "Jesus time."
At any rate I went to visit. The director wasn't there so someone else showed me around and it became blatantly obvious that it was a daycare not a school, mostly when I asked the person whether the teachers were certified and she informed me "Oh, yeah! Most of our teachers have their associates degree, or are working toward it!" I thanked her and told her I'd think it over and tried the Catholic school again. This time I got someone and worked it all out.
So here I am, once again, facing the exorbitant tuition rates I thought I'd left behind in Chicago.
At least I'll know what type of religious instruction she'll be getting there.

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