Thursday, July 26, 2007

In Which I Am Angry At The School District. . .

My daughter has been excited about going to school since she has been able to talk, possibly before but she wasn't able to mention it. When she was a baby, we lived really close to our town's high school and all the school buses would rumble by and she'd be sooo thrilled. One day she was going to ride on the school bus.
Thanks to a late birthday she wasn't going to be old enough to start til this year; but guess what? MY TOWN DOESN'T HAVE PRESCHOOL!!!
Well let me rephrase that, they do but it's for children who are "at risk" or "developmentally challenged." Girl was tested for preschool back in February and of the two tests she scored 97 out of 100 and 93 out of 100. I was told she was put on a waiting list and I thought, "Great she's going to school." But as I mentioned before, I hadn't heard anything yet so I started making calls. The calls took forever but the final answer I got was, "I don't know why you were told she was put on a waiting list, with scores like those that she has, she'd never qualify for preschool. If they did put her on a waiting list, it'd be very far down the list. She'd only be able to go if a lot of other children didn't."

WTH!!!! Just because my daughter is bright, means she has no right to an education until she's 5, no sorry I forgot, her birthday isn't until the end of October, so she'll be closer to six before she can go to school. Children should not be punished because they are smart!!!!!
So now, I am going to have to shell out big bucks so that she can go to a private school for the next two years, which may not even be possible this year because I spent the last 6 months thinking she was on the waiting list for preschool, and didn't get her on the other waiting lists.


La Sirena said...

Does that college by you have or know of a program for her?

Also try the community college in the next town. I'm pretty sure they do. It's staffed by the early ed students.

Woodlandmama said...

As I said, we missed all the waiting lists. But at any rate the Lab School is some high powered secret and nobody gets to know about it.