Friday, August 10, 2007

Almost Gone

I spent the majority of my workday cleaning out my desk: tossing weird notes to myself that no one else will get, dusting, wiping, and packing up my personal belongings. I actually didn't have too much, it never felt like I could bring much, coming into a fully decorated office and sitting at my dinky desk. Half the time various office supplies that couldn't go anywhere else were tossed on my "personal areas" so I never brought anything for them.
I did have a slew of my own office supplies. When I write, I usually use pencils because, being a left-hander, I always end up dragging my hand through the still-wet ink, making my illegible writing even more illegible. Pencils prevent that from happening, but always using pencils makes me picky. My favorite are Mirado Black Warriors, which are generally considered "art pencils" but I love anytime. They're more expensive than other kinds though so I buy my own, leaving the lame yellow #2s that were given to me by work untouched in my desk these last 2+ years. I also bought my own colored pencils and Sharpies because PR materials often need coloring and markering (whatever). So all my little supplies that came in handy many times, but that I bought myself because work deemed them frivolous, came home with me. I'm sure I'll put them to use again. Also, the computer and grammar books I refused to be reimbursed for because, you'll always wish you had them when you don't. Almost three years after the last time I'd opened the MS Access Bible I bought for an old job, Mr. Hobbitfeet used it to learn the program for his job.
At any rate, after a long hard day of cleaning, you can't tell I'd ever worked there, except the mouse is still left handed, and I might just let them try and fix that themselves, after all I had to work out how to make it left handed in the first place (actually I worked it out years ago, but that still doesn't prevent me from exacting my left handed revenge).
So after this weekend I've got two days of work and I am free.


min said...

Good luck with your new life!!! I hope the time will allow you to live the way you like. Go get started on your magnum opus!!

Woodlandmama said...

Thanks Min. I'm not sure there is a magnum opus in there. Other than this blog I've not written a whole lot since college, unless you count dreams or press releases about endometrial ablation (which I don't). It could be in there somewhere though, I think I have random chapters of my sci-fi book around here somewhere.