Monday, August 20, 2007

Getting in the Housewife Groove

Girl had her first day of school today, and I had my "First Official Day of Housewifery." First a picture of Girl on her first day:

Okay two:

My biggest job as a stay-at-home mom is making dinner every night. I HATE making dinner. I try so hard to make nice dinners, and Mr. H. and Boy appreciate it, but Girl bitches and moans and hates everything. Also, my dinners are so complicated and involve lots of chopping, for which I have no patience , so I am really having to put all me willpower into doing this.

Today I made a recipe from Pioneer Woman's site, chicken spaghetti. It went over big, but I had to cut up a whole chicken. Have you ever cut up a whole chicken? It is AWFUL!!! I had to use a big knife and break the bones. Seriously, I almost cried. From now on I'll stick to pre-cut chicken breasts. If I ever have to hear the sound as I crack a bone into pieces, I'll be a vegetarian in no time.

Next week adventures in toilet cleaning. . . .

Ha! Just kidding!


La Sirena said...

I spelled chicken wrong. (typo)

La Sirena said...

Rory is such a big girl! She looks so cute. Also, she just doesn't like any food.

Burritos Foothill only require cutting potatoes into quarters.
Also, Heather makes this beer butt chiken that kicks ass! You just baste a whole chicken in buttery goodness w/ maybe a pinch of spice (rosemary or basil or tarragon or whatever) and stick an open can of beer up its ass, and throw it on the grill (medium) for kinda about an hour. It's very tender and tasty.

Plus, I would love to chop vegetables instead of going to work.

Jane said...

Rory is too cute.

Meander said...

She is so grown up and sassy in her uniform.

Woodlandmama said...

LS-Yeah I know, I should be happy. The vegetables are annoying but not hard, it was mostly breaking chicken bones that got to me.
Jane-Yeah, for her own good.
M-Yeah, I'vve taken to calling her Sassafras