Friday, August 17, 2007

Knee Problems

So when I had my little adventure on Wednesday, I re-injured my knee. I've been having problems since I was in fifth grade and the doctor's made my walking cast too long and every time I walked the cast would press into the middle of my knee. Then while playing rugby in college, I got flattened by the largest, burliest woman I've ever seen. She knocked me down and stepped on my knee. Finally in 2005, I was playing with my kids on the playground and missed a step on the equipment and landed flat on my knee, which caused the cartilage to break off and get stuck in the joint on occasion. Let me tell you, there are few things that hurt more than to be walking along and suddenly have something stuck in your knee. There were occasions when I just fell on the ground and cried. So I had surgery to remove the little piece and clean up the torn mess that used to be my knee; basically they just got rid of like 80% of my meniscus (a c-shaped cartilage padding between the bones in your knee). It was enough so that I am not in constant pain.
But there are times (like now) where my knee starts hurting horribly again. I feel like my knee is empty on one side and all the muscles on the other side is strained. So I'm sitting her with my knee proped up on a pillow. Hopped up on about a billion Advil.

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