Sunday, August 26, 2007

Morning Song

G: "Mommy are you awake?"
G:"Hey, how come your eyes aren't open?"
B:"Guh-earl leave mom alone she's sleeping. Girl. Guh-earl. Shhh! Mom's sleeping. Girl. Guh-eearrrl be quiet!"
G:"Mommmmy why are you sleeping!? It's morning!!! Get Up!"
Mr. Hobbitfeet: "HEY! WHY ARE YOUR TWO BUGGING MOMMY!? GET OUT OF HERE!!!" (door slams shut)
(I get up and stumble to the family room)
Mr. H.:"Hey, Hon! You didn't have to get up!"
B:"Morning Mom!"
(I give kisses and stumble back to bed)
G:"Hi Mommy! Will you play with me? I am the mommy and my 'maginary friend is the baby sister and she bit me and that's not nice, and can I play with this" (grabs make-up from dresser)
B:"Guh-earl, that's mommy's! No! No! Guh-earl! Look, I'm an evil closet monster!!"
G:"NOOOOOOO! Be my brother! Be my brother!"
B:"Nope! I'm a closet monster and I'm pouring magic melting potion on you!"
G:"Stop! Stooooopppppp! Be my brother! Be my brother!"
G:(crying)"BBBB-ooooy! BBBB-oooooy Stop!"
Mr. H.:"Stop picking on your sister! Mommy's trying to sleep! Girl stop whining"
G:"Mommy can I draw in your room?"
B:"Look at my Crumple-Horned Snorkack boxes."
G:"I want one!"
B:"No, Guh-earl their mine!"
G:"Mommy says share!"
G:"Mommy. Momma. Boy won't share!"
(repeat until insane!)

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