Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Joy of Books

I have always been addicted to books. I can get a good book and slip into a "book coma" for several hours until I've finished it. Between Mr. Hobbitfeet, Boy and I, we have four large shelves loaded with books, and several in boxes in our garage that I am not able to part with yet.
Nevertheless when I was driving home from the farmers market yesterday, I saw that the library had tons of boxes on the front lawn and a big sign that said "Used books $.25." So I pulled over and poured through the boxes, picking out 10. Then I sat and waited for a half hour for the library to open so I could pay. Yes, the books were out without supervision, it's that kind of town.
Not that any of the books were ones I needed, but they were $.25, how could I pass them up?
So, 10 more books for the mess. Ah, well.

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Pelmo said...

In a "COMA". That explains many things.