Friday, November 2, 2007

More Wonder Woman News

Joel Silver, in his continuing effort to piss me off, has put the Wonder Woman movie on hold indefinitely. His reasoning is that Wonder Woman should make her big screen debut in a Justice League movie. I believe that losing Joss Whedon from the project made it suck ass and he can't admit that he was wrong. I want my Wonder Woman. I want her to have her own damn movie. Listen, the Supergirl movie was awful. Helen Slater was completely unbelievable as Clark Kent's cousin. The Elektra movie didn't even make sense, hello, Elektra died in Daredevil, and I do not believe some Mr. Miyagi hand-warming technique is going to change that. We need a real superhero, we need Wonder Woman.

I also need to say that I helped out with Girl's preschool Halloween party, which, by the way, reaffirmed my belief that I did not miss my calling by choosing not to go in early childhood education. But Girl's boyfriend came as Batman, which was so freaking perfect! It was like the following video (sorry about the Celine Dion).

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