Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is It March Yet?

If you've been visiting my blog for awhile, you'd know that I am nuts about March. This year I have to wait a whole day longer because of effing leap day. Grrr. Arrrgh. I am especially excited, however, because this fall I finally got around to planting bulbs.
I planted two bazillion randomly around my yard with the hope that the chipmunk won't eat them all and I'll at least have some flowers. My trickiest planting was sticking Gladiator Allium in among the Surprise Lillys with the thought that the chipmunk doesn't eat the Surprise Lillys so maybe they'll keep him away from the Allium.
I know he'll eat them because I planted an already-bloomed one the year we moved in and he took it flower and all.
At any rate the thought of (possibly) having a yard full of tulips, allium, and other random bulb flowers is making me wish away the snow and cool weather, even if it's bad luck to wish your life away.

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Annie said...

I'm desperately awaiting my little purple crocus! I was so excited last year when they first came up! I wanted to plant more last fall, but we were too busy... This snow crap is lasting forever here!!!!