Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So feety.

I am not sure if this is weird. I think it is, but whatever. I am in love with my daughter's feet. I think they are perfect examples of what feet are supposed to look like. Like the kind of footprints you see on TV or in pictures, her feet would make those. They're slender and graceful. When she does tumbling or tae kwon do, I find myself watching them a lot.
Maybe it's because I've inherited my mom's feet (who got them from her dad). They get dry and cracked if I don't stay on top of them. Her feet aren't like mine, but they're also not like Mr. Hobbitfeet's. He's called Mr. Hobbitfeet because his feet are way hairier than the rest of him and the ends of his toes (where the nails are) are really wide, about twice as wide as the rest of them. Ish.
Honestly this post makes me sound way more into feet than I am. I just like to look at my daughter's feet.

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