Monday, April 21, 2008

Things I Know You Couldn't Wait To Hear

Before I get to my news, I want to bitch a little bit. I bet your surprised. I think your "gonna have a heart attack and die from not surprise." Anyway. I decided to try Norton 360, and I hated it. So I uninstalled and I must have done it wrong because it deleted all of my user settings! It took me forever just to get back into my computer and once there EVERYTHING was gone as if this was the first day I'd ever used my computer.
Luckily I was able to restore from the backup drive, (but not directly) and I lost all of my Firefox bookmarks and have yet to find them. This is a pain, not because of the bookmarks I use everyday, I know them, but because I had a bunch of places that I go occasionally, and places I was interested in for my upcoming vacation and I don't remember them. That's why I had them bookmarked. Eff Norton 360! Also, eff Windows Vista because I am sure I'd know where they were in Windows XP!!! Plus, I think Windows is punishing me because I'd rather use the superior Firefox over Internet Explorer.

Now for the awesome!

I GOT MY NEW CAMERA! Hooray, It took forever, but it came around 10 this morning and I am so excited! Unfortunately, I'm the only one home so for now Mr. Giles is the only subject on whom I can test it.

I also got some nature photos. These are flowers that are everywhere in my lawn.

This is the more than 6 foot high pile of wood that my neighbors have stock piled recently. No, they didn't cut down a tree, they imported it from somewhere. I'm not sure they know that it's April and not November in Little House on the Prairie days when you had to have a huge stock pile of wood for when the snow piled up to your roof. Maybe this was easier for them than building a fence, but I can still see them.

And yay! My dogwoods are blooming!

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