Monday, May 12, 2008

Gone, Baby, Gone!

I've got to say that, although I miss my oak tree, if this is how the rest of my life's "disasters" go, I'll be one happy Woodlandmama! When I first told my sister about it she asked if I would have to pay $500 to have the tree hauled away. Quite honestly one of the first things I told Mr. Hobbitfeet was, "Crap, there goes our vacation."
Because the tree fell into the street, the city was responsible for cleanup. Everything that our neighbor didn't take (mostly the branches and leaves), the city crews came and took this morning. They even cut off the roots and left the rest of the trunk in my neighbors yard for him. There are still leaves and sticks every where and they killed my alliums and several of my lilies, but we still get to have our vacation and I even got a souvenir round from the big part of the trunk.

Mr. H. wants to know what I plan to do with it. It's too heavy for very much, but I couldn't let my neighbor burn it all up next winter. That tree has been around for at least a hundred and fifty years (there were too many rings for me to want to count), it's kind of sad to just let it completely disappear just because some ants ate it's roots and my neighbor was cold.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Can you make it into a coffee table?

Woodlandmama said...

Maybe a nice end table, if I had any woodworking skills (which I don't).