Sunday, May 4, 2008

He Did It! He Did It ! He Did It! Hooray!

I would like to say that I have a bunch of really nice pictures of Mr. Hobbitfeet on his graduation, but I wouldn't be talking about my husband if I said that. Not only is he incapable of looking at the camera and smiling, but he also returned the cap and gown so fast that I was only able to shoot a couple before he left for the ceremony and those I took before I noticed that I still had my ISO set too high for outdoor shots.

So here is what I've got.

This is him doing a little "I've got my diploma" dance. I think this was a companion to the "I am walking into my graduation" strut that made even my legally-blind father-in-law say, "Oh there's Mr. H."

And this is the nicest picture I have of the whole event.

All though I have a lot of fun living with Mr. H., his non-stop goofiness often gets in the way of taking nice pictures. I even have trouble taking pictures of other people because he'll inevitably stand behind me and make weird faces.

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