Monday, May 26, 2008

Shopping Blunder

Today Mr. Hobbitfeet and I went shopping together. This is not something I enjoy as Mr. H. gets impatient and huffy almost upon crossing the threshold of the store.
Then I made a mistake. I let him handle the groceries while I picked out various things we'd need for our upcoming vacation.
The result was a freezer full of frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, tater tots, pizza rolls and Banquet frozen meals and not a whole lot of nutritious sustenance.
The whole thing was made even more ridiculous by the fact that we already had a bunch of chicken nuggets etc. that weren't really moving.
Can one return food to a grocery store merely because you've changed your mind?

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LizB said...

This sounds like my cart when I shop with my kids. Lately however, they just complain about my shopping habits because I've gone primarily vegetarian, except for the occasional fish. They say, "Aren't you buying anything to eat?" when they see my cart full of veggies and grains. Hehe.