Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I got up this morning and Girl was at daycare for the first time in two weeks. It is, however, her second to last time to go there, which makes me slightly sad as it will take away my only free time. Mr. Hobbitfeet (and I, sort of) feel that it doesn't make a lot of sense because she will be in school three days a week next year and I won't be picking her up, she'll go to after school care until Mr. H gets her. This was decided, of course, before the park district canceled Kiddie Camp, which was supposed to allow her two hours of playing at the park with kids her own age everyday.
Then I dropped Boy off at swimming with his bike so I wouldn't have to pick him up. This made it possible for him to sleep in (all the way to 7 a.m.) but also made it possible for me to not sit in a hot parking lot for a half hour while he and his friends goofed around smacking each other with wet towels (or whatever happens in boys' locker rooms).
So, for the next two hours I am a woman of leisure. No Zack and Cody screaming out of the TV, and making my ears bleed. No endless bickering over who is in charge of the TV; Girl is a Disney channel devotee while Boy prefers the Discovery Channel- I agree with Boy, why is everybody so screechy on the Disney channel? No endless questions about if I was a character on Daria or a hobbit, what would I do, or requests for me to do that funny voice that sounds like Sandi from Daria
Just silent bliss!

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