Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Homeward Bound

Well after a week of intense activity, we've decided (or rather Mr. Hobbitfeet and the kids decided) that we should cut our vacation a little short and head home to rescue our puppy from boarding, and enjoy a couple of days at home in our flooded town.
We've already made it back to Topeka, the most boring town that kids could ever be in love with. Seriously, we went to see beautiful mountains, and got in some of Boy's boring-ass scientific crap. Literally. We watched a program at Pike's Peak where a park ranger showed us different animals' poop. We saw Santa Claus in June for Girl (who vows she loves him more than even A.- Boy's friend with whom Girl is obsessed) at an amusement park 100% designed for kids. We went to a zoo, AND a water park, and yet to them nothing is so awesome as Topeka where all we did was take some silly pictures and hang out in our hotel. Kids are weird.

On a positive note our day at the water park washed away a lot of Girl's scabs and she's left with pretty pink "new skin" and you can hardly tell she fell down at all. Mr. Hobbitfeet was annoyed when I made him pick up triple antibiotic cream at the store, and Girl hated me every time I applied it, but, damn, does that stuff heal cuts fast.
Anyway I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from Garden of the Gods and the Denver Zoo.


BS said...

what - no picture of the balancing rock or the kissing camels?? Sounds like you all had a wonderful time (despite the fall).

Woodlandmama said...

Rory was having a hardcore fit at the balancing rock, so it's not one of my favorites but can be seen on my Flickr account. I am not sure we saw the kissing camels "GotGs" was not our best day.