Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So Happy!

Back in April my Windows Vista on my laptop decided it didn't like me and canceled my profile. After much swearing and anger I got it back, but minus all of my Firefox bookmarks and despite everything I did, I could not get them back. Everything else eventually came back, just not my bookmarks.
I admit to being lame and though I could come up with most of the places I go, I was missing a lot and had no idea what they were (duh that's why you use bookmarks).

Flash forward to today when my Firefox updated and I once again lost all my freaking bookmarks!


I had just spent the last three months rebuilding and adding them, now it's all gone again!

So I decided, that I wasn't going to let Firefox and Vista get the best of me. So I read a bunch of websites about where the bookmarks would be (which I did before with no luck), ignored them all and found them on my own. I was able to, not only restore all of my bookmarks that got wiped out with the update, but also the ones missing since April!

Yay! Look out blogs-I-haven't-visited-in-three-months, I'm on my way!!!

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