Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tending the Jungle

I Know, I know, I already posted today and too many posts is against the blog handbook right? Well, guess what? I don't care!! Ha!

So I've been bitching for the last few weeks about my damn shingles. Well they hurt, and itched like a Mutha-Fucka and it made me whiney. Then it didn't help that I had an allergic reaction to my anti-virals. Not a anaphalactic reaction that sent me racing toward the nearest ER, but an annoying rash-reaction that had me rubbing my back against corners in order to get an itch in an unreachable place. Besides all that, there was another complication that I hadn't talked about.

You see, my shingles were on the nerve that runs to my arm. More specifically they were on my left right at the shoulder joint. So with the painful shingles and the crusty allergic reaction rash, my left arm (the one I use most) would not raise very far. Which sucks in a normal trying to get shit done way, but also made it impossible for me to shave my pits for two plus weeks.

Now, I'm a stupid American. I shave my legs and my pits. I even pluck the hair off my big toe. I hate weird hair in weird places. I won't stand for it. I know, I know, it's not very femminist of me, but I've been shaving my armpits every other day since I was twelve, before I even really had hair there. I'm not going to change that now.

On my head, I have thick dark, dark brown hair (some might even call it black). It doesn't bode well for body hair I think. At any rate, now that the shingles and rash are all but cleared up, I am once again able to lift my arms above my head. So I did, today in the shower. GAK!

That was unpleasant. Again, not a big fan of the body hair. Thankfully it's all taken care of, no more excessive body hair for me. Maybe, now Mr. H won't be disgusted by me anymore (just kidding it was probably the full body rash from the meds that kept him at bay).

Now if only I could find the tweezers for my big toe!


jenboglass said...

Shingles are horrible, so I hear. That's also an understantement, so I hear. I wish you well in all your unnecessary hair removal activities. May your tweezer be swift and painless.

S. William Shaw said...

Hiya Momma, Just saying hi via my buddy Sayre.

Woodlandmama said...

Thanks Jenboglass, it was.

Hiya S. William Shaw! Thanks for stopping by.