Friday, September 19, 2008

This One Time at Band Camp.

Boy had his first contest as part of the "real" band at his school. The 5th grade band (that he was in last year) is just a practice band and other than a couple recitals, did not do a whole lot. The 6th grade band gets sweaters and gets to play one night (tonight) at the high school football game during half time.
I "helped" the band tonight, which basically meant I sat next to the band and made sure no older kids hit our kids and called them band geeks, which is what the director was worried about. Seriously, that's what she told us.
At any rate the band was seated in a special area with the high school and Jr. high bands, the dance troop, etc. There was so much unbridled school spirit I felt like I was in a Beach Boys song.

Be true to your school,
Just like you would to your girl!

I have no school spirit and stuck out like a sore thumb. My nephew, Little D also came, (late) with my mom. The kids did great even though they looked tiny on the field next to the Jr. and Senior High kids.


jenboglass said...

Nice pictures. Beautiful kids. I love the American Pie reference.

Woodlandmama said...

Thanks, Thanks, and I say this all the time because my son starts a lot of his sentences with, "This one time," and I always interupt with, "at band camp!"
He gets a little mad because I always say it, but won't let him see the movie.