Monday, October 27, 2008

An American Dream

I never thought anything would drive the stupid F.A.O Schwartz song (Welcome to our world... Welcome to our world Welcome to our World of Toys...) out of my head. That is until I took my daughter to American Girl Place last Friday.

From beginning to end only one song was playing in this mecca of consumerism. Unfortunately most of the song was quiet so I was only able to here the chorus over and over again. "Circle of Friends." I reminded me a lot of the Duff Beer song "Duff Beer for me, Duff Beer for you, I'll have a Duff you have one too."

I wanted to break one of the glass cases that they keep the dolls in and jam a shard through my temple.

I know that Girl loved it. Who wouldn't love being sent loose in a store designed specifically for your current interest and being told to pick almost anything you want (courtesy of Grandma)? By that I mean any accessories for her new doll. Because yes (if you haven't worked it out), despite the heated debate, Girl got her American Girl doll.

I have never felt more out of place. Nothing can make you feel more out of place than hanging out on the Magnificent Mile in a store full of dolls whose outfits are more expensive than the one you are wearing. Plus the whole thing is set up to suck every dime from you.

But all of it was worth it because Girl is insanely happy. Grandma even got her PJ's and a shirt that matched her doll, and a picture that commemorated the whole thing.

(I think the photographer had her smile like that because up until that moment, I've never seen her smile with her front teeth sticking out and when I first saw the dolls I wondered why every one of them had their teeth sticking out).


Cameron said...

We haven't reached this age yet, but I'm sure it's not far off. And hey, where exactly did your last post go?

Woodlandmama said...

The post I wrote before this was about my son's bio-father and how he is evil and personally responsible for the fact that I have been throwing up for the last two days. It wasn't very nice and I decided the world would be a better place without it.