Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just To Let You Know I'm Alive

I would like to pretend that I haven't been posting because I live a wonderfully fantastic life and I've been out living it; however, I don't. I just decided not to bore people with my current, wake up, get my kids off to school, clean my house, clean my mother's house, come home, take my kids to their activities, make dinner, eat dinner, watch T.V. until bedtime lifestyle.
It's a glamorous life I know.
I've become a hermit and not even an interesting one. I think I would rather be the kind of hermit that hops out from behind bushes and says something random before hitting people on the head with a stick. That would be great.
But mostly I just don't talk to people.
I did have a rather lengthy conversation with my husband the other day about why I don't think movies like Porky's or American Pie are funny which basically involved me picking on him for not dating in high school. Well, mostly him thinking I was picking on him for not dating in high school. I wasn't.
Can you tell I haven't been talking to people lately.


Anna said...

Your description of the kind of hermit you'd like to be made me laugh. I'd bet you'd excel at making random hermit comments!

Woodlandmama said...

If wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak! Thwack!