Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stoopid Skool!

On the day that our new president was sworn in, I was smacked in the face with a reminder that the effects of the old regime would be biting us in the ass for a long time. Boy came home with a permission slip. It was asking me to allow my son to participate in an abstinence-only program at school.
Now I know for a fact that the only type of sex education my son has had was the puberty talk my husband and I gave him, the scientific talk that I gave him and the book we had to accompany it. The school hasn't even given him the whole sperm fertilizing the egg stuff.
So the fact that the school was going to be feeding him some right-wing propaganda about "saving their special gift until marriage in a fun sports-themed program." just mad me want to hurl. I got better sex education in my Catholic school and they told me circumcision didn't matter because it just fell off the first time the baby boy peed!
I think I'd rather them not say anything at all then feed him this crap, but of course I gave him permission to go, because nothing is worse than be singled out as the person that can't go to sex ed (however pathetic it may be) because your parents won't let you.


Cameron said...

It falls off the first time they pee? Why, oh why did we pay extra for the procedure?!?!?!

Rayne said...

This is wonderful...truly fantastic...and they wonder why so many kids are getting pregnant at such a young age. Lovely...
I grew up Catholic and my sex education consisted of 'don't do it or you are going to hell. Remember Jesus and God are watching you.'

Rayne said...

I was raised Catholic, too. I don't think they realized that they made sex so much more exciting with all of there scary and bizarre stories.
You haven't written in quite a while.
Are you okay?