Monday, January 16, 2006

Steps Toward Super-geekdom

I am the first to admit that I am a geek, and I know for a fact that my husband, Mr. Hobbitfeet, is a geek. When we were dating he was still playing D&D and other role playing games with his friends and he was 30. Also, I've seen his high school yearbook and he was in the A.V. club (though he insists it isn't true, I have proof. If I thought he wouldn't kill me for it, I'd post it. But if you know me, ask me sometime and I'll show you, it's funny.) I'm far off topic. Let me get back to what I was saying...

This weekend we achieved super-geek status with "family karaoke!" My eight-year-old son, Boy, wanted a karaoke machine for Christmas, and my mom was happy to oblige. My sisters both bought him karaoke CD's as well (this clearly runs in my family). So we all rocked out this Saturday. Even my two-year-old daughter got into the act piping in with Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Beyond the Seas, and Sesame Street between every performance.

I sang Walk Like an Egyptian, which was clearly a mistake because Boy is addicted to it. I burned it to a CD with other songs we sang and he was locked in his room all day Sunday and most of this morning playing it over and over again. I guess it's better than the incessant strains of Hillary Duff and Bowling for Soup that were coming from his room before. But even music I enjoy gets old after the fourth time in a row that you've heard it.

And if family karaoke isn't enough to secure our super-geek status, Mr. H. and I had a three hour long Scrabble tournament on Sunday afternoon. Several weeks ago I killed Mr. H. when I played My Best Game of Scrabble Ever. I should have been smart and walked away a winner but I wasn't and agreed to play with him again. Now Mr. H. is ultra-competitive and he must have sworn revenge for the spanking that I gave him before, because he was relentless. I lost two games and won one. But I will say the highlight of the game was when I got 30 points for the word fart. It really irks Mr. H. when I get a lot of points for stupid words.

So are you convinced that I am a super-geek? If nothing else secures it for me, the fact that I felt a need to write about it is enough. But honestly, I had fun. Even when Boy joined us for the last game of Scrabble and asked us to help him on every one of his turns.

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Anonymous said...

Of course I read it. You didn't think I would rather work than read your Blog did you? I can't work anyway, I have too many damn paper cuts on my fingers from stuffing envelopes. Poor me.