Wednesday, February 8, 2006

On Work and Birthdays.

There are certain times when I enjoy having a job again, and there are times that I don't. Today is a day that I don't. At the moment, Mr. Hobbitfeet is at home with a sick Girl, and being here is killing me. Mr. H. stayed home because the last few times a kid has been sick I stayed home. Also, I only work part-time and I don't get sick days but Mr. H. does.
I fully trust that he's is doing a good job. He is a great dad. I, however, am quite often a control freak and just hate that I am not there taking care of her.
Not to mention the fact that since we were so busy in January, we had to put off all the sales people who wanted to meet with us and sell advertising to the hospital. So since February started we have had nothing but meeting after meeting with radio/tv/newspaper people telling us why we should advertise with them. These are quite possibly the most BORING meetings (with the exception of the staff meeting I had while at COT where the director read our 100 page demographic study out loud for 1.5 hours).
One reason I hate these meetings is that although I fit "Our Key Demographic" as a married woman aged 25-49 with children, I don't behave like a "Typical East-Central Illinoisian" so when my boss asks me if I would listen to this radio station or watch that tv show the answer is always no! I hate being the voice of the "GEN-Xers" for my boss. The phrase makes me vomit. This is why I should not be in PR/Marketing. I hate demographics! Also, sales people!

On a totally different topic. My birthday is a week from Sunday, so everybody buy me presents! Seriously, everybody says I am super hard to buy presents for, but I don't think I am. Here is an easy shopping guide in the world of Woodlandmama:

1. Don't buy me clothes, I am fat and you aren't going to get the right size, so don't try. But, if you find it super neccessary to buy me clothes, don't get me skirts, see-through shirts or anything pink. I am a jeans and t-shirts girl. I have been since I was a kid. I have never, ever enjoyed dressing up. So, don't bother.
2. The only jewelery I wear are my wedding/engagement rings. I never wear watches, or necklaces no matter how pretty.
3. There are things I wish I had but I don't:
a. Original Broadway Cast Recordings, I have Annie, West Side Story and the Full Monty, I don't even need to have seen the play. If the music is good, I would love to have it. The only exception would be the Sound of Music, I would prefer the movie soundtrack to that. I dislike Mary Martin.
b. Season 4 and 5 of Angel on DVD. That is all I am missing to complete my Buffyverse collection.
c. DVDs. There are millions of movies that I don't have on DVD that I love: Heathers, Star Wars- Episode 3 (Hey then I'd have all the Star Wars movies). Shakespear in Love... If you question if I have a movie ask Mr. H., he wouldn't know but he could look in the movie cabinet.
d. New karaoke cds. We have so many karaoke nights that new songs are appreciated. In fact there were two I saw at Wal-mart that I wanted though I can't remember what they were. I think it was like the Billboard Karaoke Hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's Vol. 1 and 2.

See, that wasn't so complicated was it? Ha, Ha nothing like shameless begging on my blog. Hey, now that you know, tell Mr. H. He refuses to read this. Although he tells his friends to read it (Cheers Jason!), he hasn't even glanced at it.


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