Thursday, February 2, 2006

Meet Mr. Giles

Despite what I wrote in a previous post, we got a dog. He is a 4-month-old Labradoodle, although he is more oodle than Labra. One parent was a Labrador/toy poodle mix and the other was a toy poodle. Thankfully he doesn't look much like a poodle, or I wouldn't have got him. He is all black with white on his chest and chin, and the tips of his paws. I'd say he looks like someone took a shrinkray to a labrador. His name is Mr. Giles in the hopes that he will have the personality of a British librarian who will help us fight all manner of goblins and ghouls. For now he just stares at us and trembles.

Boy thinks he is the "BEST DOG EVER" though as I said he hasn't done anything yet and Boy only manages short pets before backing away in fear. Girl likes him when he's 5-10 feet away, in her sight, but not looking at her. Honestly though the dog is tiny, less than ten pounds and maybe all of a foot and a half on his hind legs, so I am not sure why they are afraid of him. Hopefully they will all relax sooner or later and everything will be normal.

I'll post a picture when I get it.

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